Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Do You Want to Play?

We are finishing up our Reggae section this week, so YOU choose what's next! Please post some suggestions here or email me, so I can get recordings over the weekend. Otherwise bring recordings to class, but I'll usually them at least 1 class in advance so I can prepare charts and lyric sheets.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Studio Orchestra This Week- Columbus Day

I just checked the HCC Calendar, and there ARE classes on Monday, Oct. 9th. No Columbus Day vacation this year! So we WILL meet on Monday for both classes, 9AM and 6PM.

We are currently playing some Reggae songs in every class, and we will continue that this week. If you want to listen to more reggae, head over to iTunes, go to Browse and select Reggae under Genres. Go to Reggae 101 and listen to some songs by Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and Toots and the Maytals. Also listen to UB40 "Red Red Wine" and Ziggy Marley "Tomorrow People".

Next week we will be choosing songs to work on in each class, SO START THINKING and bring in some songs (Title and Artist or a recording)that you want us to play.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Studio Orchestra This Week

By now all 3 classes have met at least once. We have jammed a bit to get to know each other, and have played some Blues. I recommend going to iTunes and listening to some Blues recordings if you are not very familiar with the style. If you play an instrument, try playing along with some of the recordings.

We will also begin listening to the music you bring in. Refer to the assignment handout. Bring something that you like! BTW you do not have to bring in an audio CD, you can also bring an mp3 CD, your iPod or mp3 player, or a jump drive with a standard digital music format (except WMA files, I don't think my Mac can open them).

A word about the Journals: You should be starting to bring Journal entries to class, and filing them in the blue Journal Notebook. If you would prefer, you may also email your journal entries to me. Make sure to put your name on each one. Email should go to:

You can also email me if you have any questions or comments at all.

Finally, you are welcome to sign up and post your thoughts here as well. Any songs you want to play?

Rock on!