Friday, April 27, 2007


THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF REGULAR CLASSES! All the songs are tracked and are being mixed. If you are working on a mix, I need it ASAP, by Wednesday at midnight at the latest! We will be mastering on Thursday morning. If you are working on the CD cover, I need to see it by Monday. We will be printing this weekend.
Here is what we will do this week:

Make sure you finish your Journals and Desert Island Extra Credit. If you never brought in a song for us to listen to, you can bring it in this week.

We'll also set up and jam one more time, and take some action pics. We also need to prep the CDs for duplication.

We'll proofread the CD credits and make any corrections.

On Wednesday and Thursday you can bring in your audio projects or original music and we will check it out. We may listen to some of the mixes if I have them.

Rolling Stone 40 Songs Changed the World

Rolling Stone released a list of 40 Songs Which Changed the World. Check it out. If you agree or disagree, or want to add/remove songs, there is a space to post.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Recording This Week

We are moving on to our 2nd song in all 3 classes! I am really excited about this semester's CD. It will be one of the best ever. PLEASE COME TO ALL REMAINING CLASSES! The schedule below is tentative. Please come ready to play every day!

MW Class:
Monday: We will be tracking drums, bass, rhythm guitar and scratch vocals on Guns 'n Roses "Sweet Child O Mine".
Wednesday: Keyboard overdubs, lead vocals
Next week: lead guitar, percussion parts.

M Night Class:
We have a good start on Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun". (We booked an extra session last Wednesday night, and tracked drums, bass, rhythm guitars and scratch vocals). This Monday we will track guitar solo, a little percussion, and lead vocals.

TR Class
ORIGINAL MUSIC! We are tracking an original song. So far we have Fender Rhodes, drum loop, bass and rhythm guitar.
Tuesday: 2nd guitar, guitar solo, and percussion parts.
Thursday: rappers (Please write out your lines and let me see them! We want a common theme running through the song)and singers on the chorus.

Free Fallin': Need Bass and 1 BGV, then Mix
Superstition: Need horn parts, we will be recording them a week from Monday night, then Mix
Them Changes: Finished tracking! Need to Mix

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you in class!