Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We are in the middle of recording our CD! Each class has tracked one song, and we need to track one more each. Please make plans to attend and be on time for every remaining class! We will need all available time to finish this project.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Time to Record

This week each class will select the first song to record from the songs we have played in class so far. We will begin recording next week! PLEASE make plans to attend every class from now until the end of the semester! There are always extra parts that we decide to record, and it may be YOUR opportunity to play a key role in the recording.
FYI, sometimes the recording process involves a lot of waiting around for your turn. You may want to bring something to do while you wait, like a book, iPod, homework, etc.

Studio Orchestra Mid Semester

I can hardly believe we are halfway through the 2nd start semester! This week I will give out a sheet for you to complete in class. It is a Self-Evaluation to check how you are doing as far as attendance, participation, journaling, etc. It does not count toward your final grade, but should help you decide if you are on track, or if you might need to catch up a bit.