Monday, December 25, 2006

64 Jazz Bass Sold

Too late! That fine 64 Fender Jazz went to a local vintage guitar dealer. I would have liked to buy it myself, but I couldn't justify spending the $$$$$ when I already have such a nice 65 Fender Jazz! Oh, well.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

1964 JAZZ BASS FOR SALE!! Vintage pre-CBS

Here is a rare opportunity to own the Holy Grail of electric basses—a real, 1964 pre-CBS Fender Jazz bass in excellent original condition. It is all here, original pickups, tortoise shell pick guard, cloth wiring, Kluson reverse tuners, frets, clay dots, neck plate and finish. I am selling it for the son of the original owner. It has been in his family all these years. The bass is in excellent cosmetic condition, with far less player wear than you normally see on pre CBS Fenders. Even the original frets have very little wear! It sounds incredible, everything you would want from one of these sought-after instruments. It is an excellent player with a nice neck. There is a small amount of buzzing on some of the upper frets, but it does not choke or fret out anywhere.

The only other issues are as follows:
1. In the early 70s, the body only was sprayed black. The black overspray has been expertly and painstakingly removed, leaving only the original sunburst finish.
2. When the original tortoise shell pick guard began to shrink, the owner removed it, filled some of the body screw holes with small dowels, and re-drilled new screw holes. The repair is good, and obviously invisible when the pick guard is on.
3. One replaced volume pot (neck), other two date to 40th week of 1964.
4. Missing the pickup covers, although the owner says he will try to find the bridge cover.

So, here it is, just in time for the holidays! If you have been looking for an excellent pre CBS Fender Jazz bass, this is your chance to own one. Price is $10,000. It’s not cheap I know, but it will definitely appreciate in value!

PLEASE only serious, qualified buyers contact me at the email address below (replace AT with @). No dreamers or pen pals, I just don’t have the time.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fall 2006--It's Over! 2 reminders

Well, Studio Orchestra has ended for the Fall 2006 semester. I hope that you had fun. As always, the time went far too quickly! Every semester I wish that we had more time to try new songs, rehearse and record. Still I think we have a fine CD, and I thank all of you for your participation.

2 quick reminders:

1. If I made any mistakes on the CD cover (like I spelled your name wrong or forgot to give you credit) email me or post here.

2. I will post your final grade by Friday, earlier if I can. IF YOU DO NOT GET THE GRADE YOU THINK YOU DESERVED, email me ASAP. (Unless your grade is HIGHER than you deserved-- in that case, SHUT UP!!)

Have a great break, I'll see you in 07.