Sunday, December 14, 2008


The songs have been recorded and mixed. The CD has been mastered and duplicated, and the covers are printed. IT'S TIME FOR THE RELEASE! Your class CD Release Party will be during your regular class period during Finals Week. Remember, the Release Party IS your Final in Studio Orchestra: Attendance is required, and you will need to sign in. There will be food and drinks, and everyone will get a copy of the CD. Also remember: The release party is for students currently enrolled in Studio Orchestra only, no family, guests or party crashers please! (You wouldn't bring them to any of your other finals would you?) If you'd like, you CAN bring your original music or other Audio projects for us to hear. SEE YOU AT THE PARTY!

CD Release Party Times and Locations:

Monday Night Class: Monday, Dec. 15 6PM Soundstage
Tuesday/Thursday Class Tuesday, Dec. 16 12:30PM Room 422
Monday/Wednesday Class Wednesday, Dec. 17 9AM Soundstage

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Studio Orchestra This Week- Wrapping it Up

This is the last week of regular classes for Studio Orchestra. Please come to class! We will be taking a group photo in the first 30 minutes of class this week;  be there so your picture will be on the CD! Also please check the credits in class to make sure you get credit for what you played. If you didn't play anything, make something up!

We still have parts to record in every class. This semester we are taking it down to the wire! Please be on time so we can maximize our time.

Amnesty Day: The last day of class will be your final opportunity to bring in a song to listen to if you never did that. Also it will be the last day to turn in Journals and Desert Island CD list. Also if you want to you can bring in some of your own music, projects you did in other classes, etc. 

CD Cover: I didn't have any student submissions this semester, so I asked my friend Stu Smith of INSITE Graphic Designs to make one for us. Pretty nice, eh? The inside will have photos.

MW Class: Still need to record bass on Black Dog. There is a vocal line missing, and maybe a couple lines to re do. 

M Night Class: Vocals, background vocals and percussion on Lively Up Yourself. Something for everyone to do, so, please come!

TR Class: Finish vocals on our original. Anything else?

This is your Final Exam in Studio Orchestra. Food, drinks, and your own copy of the CD. Each class will have its own party. They are during your REGULAR CLASS TIME on finals week. Attendance is required and it counts 10 points toward your final grade. If you have a conflict please let me know in advance.  The CD Release Party is for current Studio Orchestra class members only, no guests please!

Party Dates and Times:
Monday Night Class: Monday, Dec. 15th, 6PM
TR Class: Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 12:30PM
MW class: Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 9AM