Monday, August 27, 2007


Studio Orchestra is a Second Start Class, so we will begin on September 24th.

Here is what to expect when classes start:

We will be listening to recordings in class and discussing the styles. Start thinking about some of your favorite music,you will be bringing in one song for us to listen to.

We will be playing Rock Music every class. If you play an instrument like guitar, bass, keyboards or another instrument, now is a good time to make sure it is in good repair and ready for you to play. Bringing your amp is optional, I'll bring some of mine. If you play drums, get some sticks, and you can play HCC's drums. If you sing or rap, get ready to bring your voice, and if you don't play anything, get ready to bring yourself. We'll find something for you to do.

I encourage you to join this blog and post questions or comments.

Check back here before classes start for some more info. You can also contact me at the numbers below. I am looking forward to another great semester!

Aric Nitzberg
281.799.1364 cell
AIM Aric Nitzberg