Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tuesday Class Correction

Tuesday class, disregard the post below. I WILL be in class Tuesday, but I will need to leave early. So we will get started on vocals. PLEASE COME, especially you rappers and singers.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Studio Orchestra This Week

We are nearing the end of the semester, but we still have a LOT to do! Please attend every class so we can use our time effectively. We still have tracking to do in every class! Also, please finish up your journals and Desert Island papers. The final day of class will be Amnesty Day, where you will be able to bring in a song to listen to and turn in the Listening Assignment, in case you never completed that.

CD Cover: Anyone??? Please get a design to me ASAP!

MW Class: Vocals for Black Dog. There is going to be room for a gang vocal part in there, so everyone can sing!

M Night Class: We will track Lively Up Yourself by Bob Marley. 

TR Class: I AM VERY SORRY but I will not be in class on Tuesday! I am working on getting a substitute. I would like you all to meet in 423, and try tracking the verses and maybe the choruses. I will be back on Thursday, and we will assess and plan to finish tracking in 2 more classes. (My lame excuse for missing: I have a gig Tuesday night and just found out that we have a 1PM load in/sound check).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Studio Orchestra This Week

Sorry again for the late post! No excuse other than I have been very busy. 

We are heading toward the end of the semester. LOTS to do in every class. Please show up. In the next few classes I will need to take some photos for the CD cover. Make sure you are in your class photo!

I also need someone to design the CD cover. Any takers?


Monday/Wednesday class: We will do guitar and vocals for Black Dog. Meet on the Soundstage on Monday.

Monday Night Class: Meet on the Soundstage. We need to brainstorm our 2nd song and get to work! We will also be recording vocals for "River Deep" tonight with Audio 5 in room 419 beginning at 7:30PM.

Tuesday/Thursday Class: We will work on our original song. We need rappers to write and record verses, and we need to record choruses. We need guitar parts, bass, how about some loops, synths, scratches, etc.???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Studio Orchestra This Week

I just discovered that this did not post on Sunday night! SORRY if you checked and there was nothing here.

We are making progress on our recordings. This week we will begin selecting our second song in each class. If you don't have a part on the first song, make plans to be on the second. We will need suggestions: what do you want to try? We will start working on the second song, and plan to finish the first one in the next few classes. Please come to every class so we can record you!

Also, I need someone to design the CD cover. Got an idea and a computer? I will need to see a rough design in digital form (or printed out is fine). 

Got a camera or video cam? Capture some of the rehearsing and recording process for us.

MW and M night classes: we should meet in the Sound Stage this week, but if we are not there, come to 422. 

MW class: We'll try Black Dog by Led Zep. We still need lead vocals and clarinet on Hey Joe.

M Night class: We will be tracking background vocals and percussion parts on River Deep Mountain High. There is still a lot to do on this song, but we will also discuss what to try next. 

TR class: We will begin writing our original song in class. Bring your ideas! We still need to record background vocals and percussion parts on I Want You Back.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Studio Orchestra Recordings!

We have started to record! (Monday night class we will start this week). Please come to every class!!! Our schedules will tend to change, so you never know when we will be ready for YOU to do your part.

MW Class: "Hey Joe". We tracked drums, and scratch guitar, bass and vocals. We will be recording guitars, bass and vocals this week. Plus background vocals, additional guitars and maybe some synth?? or percussion?? We'll decide as we go.

M night Class: We chose to record "River Deep, Mountain High". There are lots of parts, so everyone should do something! We will record drums, bass, 1 or 2 guitars, and scratch vocals this week. Then we'll add LOTS of percussion, background vocals, extra guitars, strings, etc. 

TR Class: "I Want You Back". We got good drums, bass and guitar last class. This week we'll mic up some guitar amps and get those parts, also vocals and all those percussion parts.

Please be thinking about what songs we can try next to showcase YOUR talents!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Time to Vote!

It's time to vote. Not just for President-- we will be selecting our first song to record in class this week, and hopefully we will also begin recording our selection. Your vote counts, so please come to class!

We will also be doing a Mid Semester Self Evaluation in class. It is an opportunity to check how you are doing so far with Attendance, Participation, Journals, etc. 

Sorry I am posting this on Monday morning-- my Internet was down yesterday.